Photo of Dr Keith Warrington

Hello and welcome to my website. This is the place where you will find information about me, whether it’s my latest projects, previous publications or information for students. Please feel free to explore.

For information about me and my work, please visit the Bio page. I can be contacted at

My current work is based at Regents Theological College in England. The College’s website can be found by clicking here.

One of my latest projects has been to initiate a programme entitled Word & Spirit (see which exists to facilitate believers to explore, discover and apply the Bible – and to enjoy dialoguing with its divine author. Word & Spirit is dedicated to a developing engagement with the Bible in ways that are accessible, engaging and life-transforming.

You can find out more about books and papers I have written by visiting the Publications page, or alternatively using the ‘books’ sidebar to the right. If you wish to dip in to some sermons I’ve preached or papers I’ve presented, click on Presentations.

The Projects page gives up to date information on my current work. If you’d like to join me, please let me know. The Resources section is a list of useful sites that may be of value to you.

Those of you who may be interested in undertaking doctoral studies with me, can find details on the Doctoral Studies page.